Jeff Hallman

About Me: I am a guy who loves family, futbol, and the less is more thing.

Fields of Experience: * Orchard/Farm Ground Sales
* Raw Land Feasibility & Aquisition
* Land Development Sales
* Trustee Sales
* First Time, Second Home Buyer Sales
* Operating Business Sales

Education: Washington State University, BS, Tree Fruit Management 1994

Contact: Cell: 509-387-0735
Homepage: www.jeffhallman.com
Twitter: @agent509
Linkdn: @jhallman
Email: info@jeffhallman.com

My Promise To You: Selling or buying involves a lot of detail pertaining to property and personal information, and knowing that, I am not going to waste your time. Your time is valuable, I will be upfront and honest, good news or bad. My website name and twitter feed goes by "AGENT509" - thanks goes to a farmer friend of mine who came up with the idea - it's the area code (509) to the Eastern Washington State Region, a land area that I work and know - and secondly, it's easy to remember for a client (www.agent509.com), but in essence, it's still me. As one of my clients told a few years ago in selling his home, "If it don't make sense on a napkin, it won't make any more sense in a binder." I kind of agree with that statement, if you do, then we will make a good team.

Phone: 509-665-9200
Cell: 509-387-0735
Fax: 509-665-9100
Link: http://www.linkedin.com/in/agent509